As an independent, self-financed company, BMD supports the work of companies and research institutes, service providers and infrastructure facilities in the field of biotechnology, life sciences and related industries.

Overview of our services

Business development
  • Initiation and design of structured partnering processes
  • Market observation, market analyses
  • Organization of value chains
  • Support for company settlements
  • Initiation of cooperation at management level
  • Technology transfer and translation support
  • Growth financing
Politics advice
  • Politics consulting with focus on life sciences and pharmaceuticals
  • Monitoring political processes
  • Analysis and strategy development
  • Implementation of strategic objectives
  • Establishing and maintaining relations between science and business
  • Promotion of cooperation between politics, business and science
  • Coordination and project management of competence networks
  • Moderation of network processes
Site marketing
  • Media production for different target groups
  • Support for trade fairs
  • event management, organisation of meetings, workshops, conferences
Technology transfer and IP consulting
  • Patent evaluations, property right strategies, FTO analyses
  • Portfolio analyses
  • Economic technology assessment
  • Creation of structured recycling concepts
  • Mediation and initiation of contacts on a professional level
  • Cross-industry cooperation management
Start-up consultancy
  • Advice on the planned new establishment or spin-off of a company
  • Support in the acquisition of seed capital
  • Monitoring of public subsidy programmes (state, federal, EU)
PR & Communication
  • Conception of PR projects
  • Strategy development in PR and communication
  • Monitoring and support of your public relations work
  • Application of classic and new PR tools
  • Planning, control and implementation of media events of all kinds
  • Control of external service providers
Education and training
  • Acquisition of training places in companies
  • Coordination of projects for inter-company practical training
  • Support of the pupils laboratory "GrĂ¼nes Labor Gatersleben" for career orientation
  • Cooperation with student funding initiatives with a focus on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences from the region
  • Workshops for doctoral students and scientists in the field of science communication